weekend recap:
friday night austin & i went downtown to see the new james bond movie & to dinner with a couple of his cousins. the movie was so good, i haven't seen any of the new james bonds but this has made me want to watch all of them... & all of the old ones again. 
saturday was spent trying out some crafts for christmas decorations & semi decorating our house with what we do have. i'm on pursuit for more & ready to break out the christmas tree due to all of the snow we've had. it makes me feel like christmas is right around the corner, & i'm ok having a christmas tree up for 2 months. i also discovered dawson's creek & got sort of hooked to it already. later that night austin & i went to one of my good friends wedding receptions, mike & laurel. it was so beautiful & they looked so happy. i'm so excited for them! after the reception a group of friends that had come to town for the wedding & that we just haven't seen for a while came over & we played a game, watched a couple youtube videos & caught up. it was so fun to be with them again.
sunday we went to one of austins friends homecoming talks & spent the afternoon at his parents house. we then went home & austin took a test & i watched a little more of dawsons creek before going over to the maddox home for dinner & to watch revenge. 
it's been a pretty good weekend.

1. my recently purchased favorite moccasin booties
2. the hubs gearing up to go fishing in the snow storm
3. lucy's newest favorite spot
4. lucy & olive's first & last get together
5. our winter wonderland 
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