we got a table

sooo austin & i have been on quite the hunt for a kitchen table. we have a very limited space so it has made it harder than we thought it would be. neither of us wanted to buy a dinky little table that would work just for now, we wanted something that we could use/have long term. so ideally we wanted a small table that could extend slightly bigger so that we could fit at least 4 people around it. we thought we had found the perfect one from ikea, but each time we went to buy it... it was sold out. we've probably gone to ikea a dozen times specifically for a table & today was our big, lucky day. we woke up bright & early, thanks to the time change, & headed off to ikea. we enjoyed a delicious breakfast/lunch & set out looking for a table. we've had issues agreeing on a table in the past.. but today when we walked into the table section, we both immediately agreed on a little black table & they weren't sold out! it was a pretty big thrill. it's going to be incredibly nice to have a table to eat at for the first time, instead of eating on our family room couches or floor.


  1. I LOVE that table! We had a hard time finding a table, too. But its so nice to sit down to dinner for the first time! PS- I really like your blog layout!

  2. this is a lot like our table. simple, folds up, gets the job done for a smaller place!!