baby rooms

Austin & i find out if this tiny babe of ours is a boy or a girl in a week and a half. I. Am. So. Excited! This makes it feel so much more real than it already does. Since we've found out that I was pregnant, I haven't been too hate rested in looking at baby gear or trying to pick anything out. Obviously I will look at baby clothes, but I'm pretty sure every girl does that...right? Anyways, like I said I haven't been into it. Partially I think because it has just seemed to surreal for me & because I was so scared in the beginning. But now that we're farther along & find out SO SOON, I cannot stop thinking of baby nurseries. I kep trying to think what we could do for or soon to be babe, & what has to be done (like where we'll put everything that's currently in there...) I'm thinking of wall colors, furniture colors, decorations... the whole shebang. i have a few ideas in my head for a girls room, but for some reason planning a boys room is a little harder.. probably because i don't want it to be baby blue or sports related.. so i've been looking online & here are a few nursery ideas i'm liking. thoughts?
{images are all found on pinterest}
1. i think these baby animal pictures are adorable for anywhere in the house really...
2. the blue is pretty dark, but i like all of the colors together
3. i love the ceiling & the wall of books
4. if it's a girl, i'm thinking we'll do striped walls
5. i like how fun this alphabet mural is & colorful
6. or if it's a girl possibly these polka dotted walls
7. i love how bright & cheery this room is

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  1. ah this just made me so excited to meet your little baby!!! :) and i looove all the animal pictures/the last photo is too cute.