merry early christmas

since austin & i are going to california for christmas, we decided to celebrate a little early.
as in last tuesday. we couldn't really wait any longer.
& austin has been dying to open his gifts as soon as i had them wrapped & under the tree
so i figured we may as well. plus i really wanted to know what i got!
since he didn't have my gift at our house yet (it had just gotten finished early on tuesday) 
just austin got to open his gifts. i got him a few little things he asked for:
a knife, a thermometer for fishing, sour gummy worms (he loves them)
vans, & a couple of shirts. 
after he opened his gifts we headed off to pick mine up.
but i still wanted it to be a surprise, so i was blindfolded for the drive
& austin drove around for a while to confuse me (it really worked)
& i had to sit blindfolded in the car while he ran in to pick it up.
we then drove for a second longer before he got me out of the car & led me out of it, which really confused me, when he un-blindfolded me we were standing next to the river/stream.
(he said it was to confuse me more, which it did, & there was no real purpose behind it besides that)
& then he presented me with a little box that had 
my new wedding band in it!
i was so excited & couldn't believe he had gotten it for me.
he said he knew i wanted one for our 1 year anniversary, but since we will have just had our baby, didn't think we would be able to get it. so he thought he'd buy it while we could. i was so happy & i absolutely love it. 
he's a pretty big sweetheart. 
merry early christmas from us! 
(picture of wedding rings here)

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