getting dressed

lately, i've been having issues getting dressed. i'm 5 months pregnant & my clothes are just now starting to fit a little funny, so i really can't complain... but i'm going to. just a little.
i'm having the biggest issues when it comes to sunday. i'm not sure what it is, but i feel like i am huge & pretty unattractive when it comes to sunday. i have a few skirts that i can still wear, but they just don't make me feel so cute. they're a little tight when i sit, & i don't have a waist to highlight so much these days, so i just feel bigger when i wear shirts or sweaters with them.
then there are my dresses... they're easy & difficult. my dresses still fit, but sometimes it makes me look more like i've just put on weight than looking like i'm pregnant, which i'm also not a fan of. needless to say, i'm having issues.
who likes to go out when they don't feel like they're looking at least a little bit cute? not me. & i'm really not into going out & about when i don't feel comfortable, it totally throws off my entire day & attitude (dumb, i know, but it's so true!).
i'm thinking it's probably time for me to branch into maternity wear, at least for a skirt & dress. but after some convincing from friends, i've decided until the little one is born, to document my pregnant style in hopes of being inspired to get a little more dressed & feel a bit cuter than i have been lately.
{see that little baby bump?!}
dress: gap
 tights: target
 belt: free people
boots: nordstrom


  1. you look darling! love the red will look beautiful the whole time....don't worry!