over the weekend

we attempted to go to the aquarium. i thought it would be fun to go after looking at some of my friends pictures, so i of course googled the aquarium to see where it was & what time it was opened to. there were two to pick from, so i picked the one opened later & ashley, jake, johnny, austin & i headed up to draper to meet tayler & nathan at the aquarium! sounds fun right? too bad when we got there we realized that there really is only one aquarium... & i had led us to a pet store called the aquarium. not only were we pretty disappointed by my mistake, but it was probably the sketchiest pet store any of us had ever seen.... so instead we met nathan & tayler at the corner bakery where we had dinner & desert & chatted for hours. at least it turned out well & wasn't a complete failure on my part! 

saturday after doing some cleaning & running errands, austin & i went up to salt lake to spend our left over nordstrom gift cards. it was pretty exciting. austin got a couple of shirts & i got some shoes i have been thinking about for a while & a couple of shirts too! so it was pretty successful for us. later that night we went to ashley & jakes house to celebrate ashley's big 2-4 birthday with some delicious cake! 

sunday austin & i went to church, had some lunch, relaxed & made cookies. what else are sundays for?! 

monday afternoon we headed up to park city to hangout with nathan, tayler, grayson, brittany, ashley, jake & johnny (we had a friend theme this weekend). the sundance festival is going on so it was pretty crazy/busy. we walked up & down main street people watching (no celebs were spotted), got dinner at bandits (fun fact: theres only a bandits in park city & in our hometime thousand oaks, real exciting), & got caramel apples. after we were done freezing ourselves on mainstreet we went back & went swimming & hot tubbing, so needless to say it was a pretty fun night.

hope you all had great long weekends!
in honor of her birthday, a picture of me & ashley! 


  1. haha that's hilarious about the aquarium and we should go to the real one!

  2. sounds like fun and a little bit of home!