painting {vertical} stripes

austin & i finally decided to paint the baby room. luckily it was only one wall, so it wasn't too difficult or time consuming, but it did take some thought & effort... mostly on austins part. he's the one the did everything on this project (i'm not really good at taping things off, or keeping paint within the i'm not allowed. it's better for both of us this way), while i sat & took some pictures! i'm such a good helper!
we looked up how to get the perfect stripe for our wall, but in the end... we didn't follow any instructions we found. mostly because we lacked the tools & didn't want to spend a load of money buying them! so this is how we did it & i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. it's not nearly as difficult as you might think it would be either.
what you'll need: 
4ft level
a lot of tape (we used frog tape: it. is. the. best)
paint roller & small brush
paint pan
& you're paint (we used nautical blue by glidden)

what you're gonna do: 
1. find a number that divides into your wall length evenly, to prevent ending up with a 1/2 stripe (we did not do this....we probably should have) 
2. measure & mark your stripe widths at the top of the wall 
3. use the level to draw straight lines down from each marking, taking your time to get the lines perfectly straight to ensure the stripes to be straight. 
4. using the frog tape (seriously, don't waste your time with other tape), tape down the lines making sure to put the tape on the correct side, depending where the stripe goes.
5. we used another extra wide layer of tape around the border for protection, but you don't need to
6. lay a tarp (we used trash bags) & begin to paint! using the brush for touchups, corners & edges of needed
7. make sure to let it completely dry & peel off tape
i'm really happy with the way it turned out & think it adds the perfect amount of something to the room. i can't wait to get the crib in there & put together. then it will really feel like a baby room!


  1. i'm seriously so impressed. they look amazing!!

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