yesterday i decided to get creative with my nails. i recently got a couple nail pens & wanted to test them out, & i thought polkadots was a great place to start! it's really easy to do & i'm really happy with the way they turned out, so i wanted to share it with you! 
a more detailed instruction:
paint your nails the desired color with two coats, like normal. i used orly sand castle because it was the closest i have to a nude color. let your nails dry & take your nail pen & start just lightly tapping your nail with it, to get a dainty kind of polkadot. (make sure to let your nails completely dry before using the nail pen or you'll have to start over) i tapped at random with the nail pen so my dots don't have any order, but if it's easier for you then you can create an order. apply as many dots as you want. let completely dry & follow with a top coat (if you don't let the nail pen completely dry, they'll smudge with the top coat, so be careful!) & you're done!
 probably only adds about 5 minutes to painting your nails as you normally would.. so i think it's worth it!