the bedroom

for every newly married couple in our family, my mom gives us bedroom furniture as our wedding gift. which is awesome & so nice of her. austin & i had been looking for some, but for now we were ok. we have a little metal frame for our bed, an old side table that we got from my family, & my dresser i've used since i've been in college. so we weren't needing to find anything right away. i didn't want to rush into it, i needed time to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for so we were taking our time. & then we found out we were having our tiny babe so the hunt for furniture got a little more intense. 
we had decided it would be better to give the baby my dresser rather than buying a new one, & that we would just get our bedroom furniture. so it's been about 4 months since making that decision & 7 months since we've been married & we have finally chosen the furniture we wanted. 
i am so excited for it to arrive. it will make our little bedroom a lot more like an actual bedroom. we can now (hopefully) get rid of the clothes racks we have & plastic drawers & have a nice cleaner looking bedroom (the clothing racks aren't really my favorite item in the room)
our 2 dressers have already shipped & our bed & side table should ship sometime soon. which is perfect since we find out on wednesday what we're having & we can then repaint my currently purple dresser! so here are the before pictures of our bedroom! i cannot wait to set up the new furniture & show what it looks like, i'm hoping for a pretty good improvement! 
so you kind of get the idea of whats going to be happening, right?


  1. Hi! This blog is cute!! Would you mind sharing where you found your bridesmaid dresses? I love them!

    1. Hi! My bridesmaid dresses were found on!

  2. Your pillows are adorable! As is your cat.

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