the saddest/best movie ever

tonight we decided to do something fun since it was the last night before school started again. so i looked up movies & was so excited to see that the impossible was playing in provo. i've been looking forward to seeing the movie ever since i saw the trailer for the first time & cried my little eyeballs out. i obviously should have known that the whole movie was going to be terribly emotional seeing as the trailer was, but i'm still pretty shocked at just how much i cried. i think i can honestly say i have never cried so many times in one movie.
the movie is amazing. it's such an awesome story & it's truly insane that this entire family survived & were able to find each other. it blows my mind that this actually happened to them i cannot imagine going through something so traumatic. it was so, so, so good & SO, SO, SO sad. like i said, i cried a lot. basically through the entire movie... but it does have a good ending so its a little happy. but still i think the saddest movie i have ever seen. i totally recommend going to see it, just know you're going to cry... & if you don't there might be something wrong.
if you don't know what the movie i'm talking about even is, then watch this trailer!


  1. ahh i'm bummed we couldn't come!! and extra excited to see it now :)

  2. i even cried through the trailer.