& we're having a....

today was our big ultrasound. the one where we got to find out what this little babe of ours is. austin & i were both so excited & antsy for it to be time to go. it was so cool. we got to have a look at everything on the baby. we checked out the head & brain, took a look at the spine, the arms, the little legs & feet. it was so fun! we got to try & see the little baby face & it's the cutest baby face i've ever seen. i fell in love with it. 
the little babe was a stubborn one. it had it's hand covering it's face in the beginning, making it a little difficult to see it's cute nose & mouth. & it had it's legs tightly curled up, so it was squished into a little ball making it impossible to tell what it was! i was getting so nervous & antsy thinking that we would have to come back another day to learn if it was a girl or a boy & i really did not want to have to wait any longer than we have. the nurse tried getting the babe to move by pushing on it's legs & nothing was working. after trying for about 15 minutes, the nurse decided that we would walk around & go get my blood pressure & weight, & i could try going to the bathroom to see if that would help get the little one to stretch it's legs. so i did all of that & jumped around a little waiting for the nurse to come back so we could give it a second look & lucky for us, it worked! 
the babe finally started to stretch it's little legs out & move them around just enough for us to see that it's a teeny tiny little boy! we are both so excited, especially austin! he has been hoping for a boy the entire time so he could teach him "manly" stuff. it will be so fun to have this little guy in our life. i cannot wait to meet this little boy & fall in love even more!