downtown slc dinner date

last valentines day my mom gave austin & i a ruth's chris gift card & we never used it. we would make plans to go & have a fancy date, as we would call it, where we would get dressed up, go to our fancy dinner & go to a movie or show or something along those lines. needless to say it kept getting pushed back further & further away. well, we finally decided to put our gift card to use & neither of us could be happier. i was getting worried since the year mark was rolling around, that it wouldn't work anymore or the amount would drop like some gift cards do, so we had to make sure to use it before valentines.
we attempted to use it laaaaast week & it failed due to the insane snowstorm that came out of the blue. which wasn't very cool, because i had gotten all excited for my delicious dinner just to realize that it wasn't going to happen. we even got ready & started to make our way up there & then the roads got so terrible we figured it wasn't worth all the effort. so sadly we turned around, got dinner somewhere else to still make it a date, & went home. so i guess it wasn't a complete bust... but when you're promised ruth's chris & it does't happen, it's disappointing. 
anyways, so last night austy & i got all dressed up & ready to go. we headed downtown where we stuffed ourselves. i had the petite filet, asparagus, & a house salad, while austy had the filet & lobster combo, mashed potatoes, a house salad & we had creme brûlée to share. it was all unreal. we loved every second of it. & were both stuffed but didn't want to stop eating because it was all so good. 
we're working on taking more pictures, my 2013 picture folder is too empty for my liking

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