Happy love day

 14 reasons I love this guy: 
1. He woke up at 6 a.m. to make me a special valentine breakfast
2. He makes me laugh harder than anyone I know 
3. He thinks I'm funny 
4. He's extremely ticklish & I love it
5. We often think the exact same thoughts, it's almost weird 
6. He's really really smart & hardworking which I admire
7. He knows everything about me & still doesn't think I'm weird
8. He's always surprising me with cute little things for no reason 
9. He makes funny accents & voices 
10. He's always good to go on an adventure
11. He's got a really cute smile
12. He loves gummy candy and grape soda like a child & it's adorable
13. He's always reassuring me that I'm good at things or my cooking is good, even when I know it's not
14. I never get bored of spending every single day with him

Happy valentines day to everyone & their special someone! 
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  From all over!


  1. i never said i dont think you're weird

  2. this is adorable. oh and i saw your photo on his little lady!!! too cute :)

  3. Haha I think this is so cute. I love reason #13... because I can relate all-too well :) Happy Valentines Day!