school days

like most school days, austin & i woke up about 20 minutes later than we originally planned. this seems to happen every school day, you'd think we would figure it out, but we don't. the bed is just too comfortable. but unlike most other mornings, austin woke up panicked because he had forgotten he had a presentation to give in his first class & hadn't prepared anything. so i quickly hopped up & out of bed & scrambled around finding things to wear, trying to be the fastest i could so he could get to class early & finish preparing. doesn't that sound like such a fun morning? 
since i generally wake up late for school, i don't give myself a whole lot of time to get ready & every night before class, i say i'm going to get up & actually do my hair & get cute looking.. it never seems to happen. i generally just put on whatever is comfortable, yet (in my opinion) still a cute outfit. since i'm there from 8:30-5:20 i want to be as comfortable as possible with this belly of mine.
& this is what i came up with for today. this polka-dotted chambray has become a quick new favorite of mine. i've already worn in 3 times & i've had it for almost a week (don't worry, it's clean). it's so easy to pair with anything & is so soft & comfortable (i bought it a couple sizes bigger so i can wear it while the belly grows), all of which are important to me when buying clothes! 
anyways. today has been a busy one. we've been in school all day, took a quick break to run home to grab my computer & grab some food, & now austy & i are back in the library working on mid-terms. oh what fun it is to be in college! we've only had one day of school this week & i'm already ready for the weekend... which of course is going to be filled with homework. but at least it's a break from going to class, right? 
jacket: j. crew >> shirt: j. crew >> pants: free people >> shoes: todds >> purse: marc jacobs >> watches: marc jacobs & cartier >> glasses: tom ford >> open black diamond ring: lana