string of hearts

i decided to get my craft on today. 
i wouldn't say i love valentines day, but i do really love valentine decorations.
i'm not sure where this love comes from, but it's there.
so today i decided to craft something up to put in our house.

1. i didn't use a stencil or anything to trace because i like the idea of them not all being the same exact shape/size, but feel free to use one if you want.
i folded over my piece of felt, drew a heart with a piece of chalk (it wipes away super easily) & cut it out so the two pieces would match up.
2. i'm not good at sewing, so i hand stitched these little guys. 
it was really easy & pretty quick to do.
3. i bought a small thing of blanket batting & pulled it apart to stuff inside my little heart.
there's no right amount, just stuff away till your heart is as puffed up as you want it! 
4. after i stuffed it i finished stitching it up & it was done! each heart took me about 7-10 minutes

at first, i was just going to make a bunch of hearts to fill up my giant mason jar,
but that plan failed when i realized i didn't buy enough felt...
so instead i strung them together to make a heart garland instead!
milton also really liked the hearts. he liked them so much he stole one & has been hiding
it ever since...