TRAVELOGUE // viva las vegas

saturday morning i woke up from a text from my mom asking if austin & i would like to meet her in vegas on sunday. short notice, short planning, but obviously we said yes, who passes up a weekend getaway? not us.
i couldn't have been happier with the invite. a weekend away in the sunshine & warmth is exactly what austin & i have both been dreaming about.
& we didn't care that it would last less than 48 hours, it was pretty worth it.
we booked our flights saturday afternoon, sunday we departed & late monday night we returned.
i am not a huge fan of vegas by any means,
so this extremely short trip was the perfect amount of time.
we walked the strip, ate delicious food, shopped, got massages,
& got to hangout with my mom.
it was a pretty perfect 30 hours in  vegas!

p.s. if you're pregnant & you can, definitely get a prenatal massage. 
probably one of the best things of my recent life.
it felt like heaven, i loved every single second of it.