one day in paris

i mentioned a few posts back that we were going to france & we have finally made it! my mom, austin & i got here friday night & one day in paris while we waited for russell & kristen to get in, on saturday night. paris is by far one of my favorite cities. france in general is one of my favorite countries, but paris really has a hold on me. there's something so magical about being in paris, & i absolutely loved being there with austin! it's so much fun traveling with him & getting to show him some of my favorite places.
since we only had one day, we packed in all the major sights: the louvre, eiffel tower, sacré coeur, arc de triomphe... & a few others. we realllly wanted to make sure austin got to see all the big sights. & we were not going to let the extremely cold slightly rainy weather stop us. here comes the photo overload.


  1. ah looks so fun! and your eiffel tower picture is soo cute!! i'm so glad you found it haha :)

  2. these pictures are amazing. you are so lucky to get to see all these beautiful places!! (and ps your skin is perfect and i am obsessed with your hair)