over the weekend

 this weekend was spent up in syracuse.
austin had a homeshow all weekend in ogden, which is about 2 hours away from provo. he had to wake up and leave by 6ish every morning, & wouldn't get home till 9:30 or 10.
so when nick & shayla told us they were staying the weekend in syracuse (it's about 1/2 an hour from ogden) & that we should come, we gladly accepted the offer.
i went up saturday afternoon & we left sunday night.
it mostly involved a lot of hanging out with nicks family,
which is probably one of my favorite things to do,
eating a ton of delicious food,
which is everyones favorite thing to do,
watching movies & being lazy.
kirstine & i also talked pregnancy & compared bellies (she's due april 14)
it's pretty fun having a friend who is pregnant at the same time, cause we both
get to experience all the weirdness of pregnancy together.
nick decided he wanted to get in on the belly comparison