1. Beach Fossils- taking off
2. Phoenix- entertainment
3. The Strokes- all the time
4. Peter Bjorn and John- tomorrow has to wait
5. Spoon- rhythm and soul
6. Nirvana- lithium
7. Les Savy Fav- sleepless in silverlake
8. M83- claudia lewis
9. Black Lips- daddy longlegs
10. The Drums- what you were
11. Electric Light Orchestra- mr. blue sky
12. Passion Pit- carried away
13. David Bowie- the stars are out tonight
14. Lykke Li- little bit
15. Led Zeppelin- your time is gonna come
16. Tegan and Sara- red belt
17. The Velvent Underground- andy's chest
18. The Drums- days
19. Cults- walk at night
20. The Shins- gone for good

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