sick day(s)

the other day i woke up sicker than i have been in years. 
i slept on the bathroom floor from 3-8 am just because i had to keep getting up so often.
i made myself a nice little bed out of some blankets on the floor, & it really was so much easier.. even though our bedroom is right next to the bathroom. 
i was sick the entire day. i called my ob & told them my symptoms, & they told me if it didn't stop to call & they'd get me some anti-nausea medicine. so i spent the day
laying in bed resting between rushing to the bathroom & sleeping. 
i decided i needed to get out of the house, so we went up to salt lake to my moms house
& said goodbye to her real quick & then it got pretty bad again. 
i had thought that i was getting better, but apparently i wasn't cause i was still puking anything i put it my mouth, including water. 
so we went to instacare, cause my ob office had closed, & i got tested & they said i was incredibly dehydrated. they gave me the prescription for the anti-nausea, & we went home.
that night was a lot better & when i woke up i was feeling better, so i decided to have some toast so i could have something in my stomach & went to school.
only to realize i wasn't quite better.. & i ended up going to my ob office & getting an iv.
which definitely made me feel so, so much better.
i've been good ever since too & i am very grateful to not be puking every 15 minutes now. 
it was a pretty rough 2 days, to say the least. 
& i am now especially grateful that up until this minor hiccup, i've had an easy, sick-free pregnancy. 
i don't know how others are able to handle having morning sickness, puking is like the death of me. not to be too dramatic! 
lucky for me i have a pretty cute husband who got to keep me company all day. 
he ran out to get me some gatorade & came back with some new magazines for me to read, cause he knows how much i love my magazines, & just cuddled with me & took care of me all day. he's a sweetie. 

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