the dot

slowly but surely our baby collection is growing! we now have our crib & mattress, some clothes, a quilt, some tiny baby swim trunks & now a stroller! 
after looking at a ton of strollers i couldn't get the phil & teds dot stroller out of my mind. they advertise it as their most compact stroller which immediately caught my attention.
i haven't been terribly excited about carting a stroller around with me & the little one. 
every stroller that i looked at seemed to be big & bulky... which is exactly what i don't want. 
they just seem sort of like a pain to haul & push around. so! this compact stroller sounded perfect to me!
& while i was looking at strollers, i kept thinking about the dot..
but since i hadn't been able to see it in person, i was having problems making the decision. i needed to be able to see it & compare, so we ordered it & now i'm sold on it.
i mean, i've never had a stroller before, so maybe i'll change my mind once i have the little one & we use it... but as of currently, it looks & works & feels perfect & smooth. 
plus, it's seriously compact when it's folded which is awesome since we don't have a ton of space to store a stroller.
i'm really happy we decided to order it!

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