1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish...

here's a little fact about austin:
he  loves to fly fish. (he's the tiny one holding the fly rod)
i think it's safe to say he goes at least twice a week.
at least, lately he does... although if you ask him he only goes once a month
i didn't fully realize his love for fishing until after we were married.
but i think it's pretty cute that he's so obsessed over it.
i'm pretty sure he looks at fishing blogs & websites just as much as i look at my blogs & websites, which is quite a bit.
he's always coming up with new things to try & to do & places to go
& he also loves to tie his own flies which is pretty impressive if you ask me.
some of them are so tiny & intricate... i have no idea how he does it.
i like to call his tying time, craft time but i don't think he my name for it.
this boy gets so excited whenever he goes fishing
i've gone out & watched him cast a couple times, when he's trying out new things
& i've tried casting a few times & it's sort of fun.
i think i'm going to give learning how to fly fish a shot over the summer
i really just want to see what it is that he loves so much about it.
you can tell just how much he loves it from his pictures.


  1. wow, your husband looks like a really cool guy

  2. cute pictures of your cute husband

  3. he must love it to be fishing in the winter!