bayonne & san sebastian

on our way to biarritz from bordeaux, we stopped in bayonne. bayonne is a pretty old, small town that is also part of basque country. we stopped to get some lunch & to try their famous chocolate (apparently every town in france is famous for their chocolate). they're especially famous for their hot chocolate, so we obviously had to try it. we went to the "original" hot chocolate shop that opened close to 500 years ago! it was the most chocolatey, rich & delicious hot chocolate i've ever had. it was seriously so good. 
during our stay in biarritz we took a day to cross into spain & check out san sebastian. i loved  going because i went 4 years back on a trip with some of my friends, so i loved being able to go back! unfortunately the weather was pretty cold & a little rainy... like most of the trip.... but we still really liked it. it's an awesome little spanish beach town that is super laid back. it's so much fun to visit & i would definitely go back for a 3rd trip.

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