flower planting

 i've been wanting to plant a little garden for a few weeks 
& today i finally got the chance to do it. 
while austin worked on finishing the baby dresser 
i planted some marigolds & peppers to get us started.
we have a few others we want to plant, but for now this is perfect.
the flowers look adorable by our front door,
if i do say so myself.


  1. i have been wanting to do this all spring, and your post gave me the final ounce of motivation i needed to go to the store to pick up some pots and flowers!

  2. We have room for a very (VERY) small garden at my new apartment, but I'm definitely not a green thumb. I've already planted and killed a batch of basil. SAD!

  3. try (Jiffy) coco-plugs in a propagator.
    1-2 seeds per plug should be more than enough.
    I leave the peppers in till they reach the top of the propagator. This way they have a jump start free of insects.

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