a real summer day

the only thing better than a day spent at the pool with friends & some in n out is a day spent at the beach with friends & some in n out... & since there isn't a beach in utah, the pool was perfect. 
brittany & grayson invited us, ashley, jake & johnny to come swim at her parents community pool & it was great. since i can't swim for 3 more weeks, i attempted to work on my tan & took a million pictures to document cedars first pool experience. sadly for him, he didn't even go in the pool because it's practically impossible to find swim diapers or a swimsuit that will fit him.. 
so instead we lathered him up with baby sunscreen, plopped his great hat on him & let him hangout in his diaper in the shade all day (i didn't want to chance have a burnt baby). he & austin stayed with each other & had some bonding time & i sat on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in talking to everyone else. it was a lot of fun & made me feel like it was officially summertime.
after swimming we went to brittany's parents house to relax & change before dinner. we met up with a couple more friends at the cheesecake factory & stayed way to late talking about anything & everything. it was seriously an awesome day. i loved it. 

bath time

so far, he's been less than impressed with bath time.
but he's all about his towel time.


i've been carrying this disposable camera around with me since march.
i finally finished it in may, but just barely got it developed.
i love seeing how the pictures turn out on film cameras
(these aren't the best)
& seeing what pictures there are.
i always forget where i took the camera & what we took pictures of
so, it's sort of like a surprise.

our life lately

i've been off the blog for a little while. not because i just had a baby (though it does add to it), but cause we haven't had internet. but today, we got it & i couldn't be more happy! lately, life has had it's ups & downs of complete chaos & complete quietness. this little babe of ours has changed our life a ton already. we love him so, so much. our first couple of weeks out of the hospital we stayed at my moms house up in slc. it was really relaxing & great to have the help. we had a lot of visitors during our stay there, which was so fun. people love to come & meet babies. before my mom left she made us a ton of freezer meals, which have been a huge help. the days all seem to go by so quickly, especially with austin & i juggling schedules. he has work & i have school (until tomorrow, hurray!) so we have to figure out how to work with each other & cedar. 
having a newborn is seriously time consuming. i had no idea. i feel like by the time i've fed, burped, changed & put him for a nap, it's time to do it all over again. it's a lot of stuff to do for such a tiny person! but it's so much fun. he seriously adds so much to our life. it feels like he's been in our life forever, it's crazy to think it's only been 3 weeks! 
i think we got pretty lucky with little  cedar. so far, he's been such an easy, mellow baby & hopefully he stays that way. everyone says he's going to wake up soon & it'll be harder... i'm hoping they're all wrong! he's a funny little guy. he has a ton of facial expressions for being so little. he likes to smile a lot, and he has a really great confused looking face. one of my favorite things is when he gets his tiny, baby hiccups. they're adorable.he has one of the longest & skinniest necks i've ever seen & he stretches it out when he's laying down. sometimes it makes him look like a turtle. cedar is also pretty strong, always doing baby pushups off my chest, lifting his head up to see what's going on around him, sometimes pushing off of me to try & stand. i'm pretty sure he's going to be a little busy body once he's more capable, i feel like he already doesn't want to miss out on what's going on around him. 


today, i'm pretty grateful for fathers. i'm grateful for my dad who taught me so much in the short time we had together. who showed me how important and positive attitude & sense of humor are & the importance of family & sticking together. 
i'm grateful for austins father who showed him what a great dad is & that austin was able to learn from him & taught him to be the man he is today.
& i'm extremely grateful for austy. it was austins first time getting to really celebrate fathers day. it hasn't even been 2 weeks since he became an official dad, but it's been amazing watching him with cedar. he's such a good dad & he is so incredibly helpful. he really amazes me. he is so great with cedar, & it's so cute to watch them together. they're already bff's & it's adorable. i love it. i am so, so grateful to have him in my life & that he is going to be our kids dad. 
happy fathers day everyone!
i've been pretty terrible blogging recently, but i'm going to say it's ok since i just had a baby & i'm pretty obsessed with just playing & looking at him all day... but i'm going to up my blog game, i promise. & get more on track with my insta.week posts! but here is a catch up for the past few weeks!
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having our baby

the day we left the hospital
cedar ray davis was born tuesday, june 4th at 9:44 a.m. at orem timpanogos hospital. i had been having contractions on & off all day on monday & i was really wanting this little guy to come out, so i was trying everything i could to keep the contractions coming.  austin had gone fishing for the day, & i was home doing homework & trying to get last minute things together, incase the baby did happen to come soon. the contractions weren't painful, or terribly close together, so i didn't mention to austin till he was home that i had been having them, because i figured the babe wasn't going to come. 

after austin came home we grabbed some dinner & went over to ashley & jakes to watch the bachelorette. while we were there i told them that i had been having contractions all day, & was extremely ready for him to be born. i was over waiting & didn't want to wait until thursday to be induced. so ashley used her masseuse skills & went to town massaging my feet & hands to help my contractions come along... we then did some squats, just for good measure. i started having closer contractions while all of this was going on, so once austin & i got home, i told him that if i could continue having contractions so close together for 1/2 an hour, we'd head to the hospital, just incase.

we got to the hospital around midnight &i told the nurses i was having contractions 3-5 minutes apart. i'm pretty sure they didn't believe me when i said i was in labor, because my contractions weren't painful & i was really calm... but the nurse still hooked me up to the monitors to watch my contractions for an hour, & told me not to plan on staying. luckily for me though, my contractions kept coming & the nurse decided to show the dr. my contractions & he said that i could stay since my contractions were so close, i was already dilated to a 3, & i was already overdue. i was completely shocked & so excited. when the nurse came in & told me that i was practically speechless, i was so sure that we were going to get sent home that i just stared at her when she told me.

the dr. came & broke my water around 2:30 a.m. & i got my epidural about 15-20 minutes after that. from that it was all easy & fast, in my mind. austin & i both fell asleep for a couple of hours (luckily & thankfully) & when we woke up it was 6 a.m. & time to get started. the nurse came in right after we woke up, checked things out & told me i was dilated to an 8 & not long after that, i started pushing. 

he was born at 9:44 a.m. weighing 7.7 lbs & 20.5 in. it was such a crazy experience. its all kind of a blur now, i felt like it all happened so fast, when in reality it really didn't. austin & i were both so nervous when we first held him & were even left alone with him, neither of us knew what we were supposed to do. we were suddenly actual parents to this tiny, adorable baby boy & i felt pretty scared. it's been a week & 3 days since he was born & it feels like he's been with us forever. i can't believe it hasn't been longer since he was born. we love this little man oh so very, very much. he's my favorite.
cedar, right after being born
cedar with grandma & grandpa davis
nick, grayson & cedar
danielle & ashley

a new life

our tiny baby boy made his way into our lives early tuesday morning
& we couldn't be any more happy.
more details to come

how sweet it is to be loved by you

our first year of marriage has gone by so fast. i can't believe it's already here. it feels as if we got married yesterday! so much has happened in our first year of marriage it's crazy to think about. & i can truly say it has been the best year of my entire life. 
highlights of our first year:
>>>added milton (formerly known as lucy, it's a long story) to the family
>>>moved into a new house
>>>took a road trip to s.f.
>>>went on multiple camping trips
>>>we went to italy, france, mexico & one day in spain
i cannot wait to have an eternity of years like this one!
i couldn't imagine loving austin more than i did the day i met him, but i do & i continue to love him more with everyday i spend with him.