i've been pretty terrible blogging recently, but i'm going to say it's ok since i just had a baby & i'm pretty obsessed with just playing & looking at him all day... but i'm going to up my blog game, i promise. & get more on track with my insta.week posts! but here is a catch up for the past few weeks!
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quality family time with cedar & milton>>i'm obsessed with my manicure>>the best fortune a girl could as for>>pretty peonies my cousin brought over>>cedar on his 1 week birthday!>>google went wild for a day>>telling the world cedar's name>>introducing the world to our tiny babe>>40+ weeks prego>>in honor of our 1 year anniversary!>>milty looking funny>>summer= snow cones

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  1. he is ADORABLE. that is so exciting! your manicure is darling.