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i've been off the blog for a little while. not because i just had a baby (though it does add to it), but cause we haven't had internet. but today, we got it & i couldn't be more happy! lately, life has had it's ups & downs of complete chaos & complete quietness. this little babe of ours has changed our life a ton already. we love him so, so much. our first couple of weeks out of the hospital we stayed at my moms house up in slc. it was really relaxing & great to have the help. we had a lot of visitors during our stay there, which was so fun. people love to come & meet babies. before my mom left she made us a ton of freezer meals, which have been a huge help. the days all seem to go by so quickly, especially with austin & i juggling schedules. he has work & i have school (until tomorrow, hurray!) so we have to figure out how to work with each other & cedar. 
having a newborn is seriously time consuming. i had no idea. i feel like by the time i've fed, burped, changed & put him for a nap, it's time to do it all over again. it's a lot of stuff to do for such a tiny person! but it's so much fun. he seriously adds so much to our life. it feels like he's been in our life forever, it's crazy to think it's only been 3 weeks! 
i think we got pretty lucky with little  cedar. so far, he's been such an easy, mellow baby & hopefully he stays that way. everyone says he's going to wake up soon & it'll be harder... i'm hoping they're all wrong! he's a funny little guy. he has a ton of facial expressions for being so little. he likes to smile a lot, and he has a really great confused looking face. one of my favorite things is when he gets his tiny, baby hiccups. they're adorable.he has one of the longest & skinniest necks i've ever seen & he stretches it out when he's laying down. sometimes it makes him look like a turtle. cedar is also pretty strong, always doing baby pushups off my chest, lifting his head up to see what's going on around him, sometimes pushing off of me to try & stand. i'm pretty sure he's going to be a little busy body once he's more capable, i feel like he already doesn't want to miss out on what's going on around him. 

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