devils tower

after pinedale we headed to mount rushmore. allllllll the way in south dakota & along the way we made a pitstop at devil's tower. a huge, crazy, cool rock. like pinedale, devil's tower is also in the middle of absolutely nowhere. but, also like pinedale, it's gorgeous. it was such a pretty drive heading into devil's rock. plus, there was an awesome lightning storm going on while we drove in, which was pretty cool. 
i just like that cedar is popping into this picture...anyways, devil's tower is super cool to see. i think if it hadn't been raining so much we would have checked it our for longer & walked around more, but we weren't too into hiking about in the rain, and cedar was even more less than impressed with it than we were. 

family reunion

friday afternoon austin, cedar, my mom & i made the trek up to pinedale wyoming for a family reunion. my moms uncle mel threw the big reunion at his summer home in pinedale.
we had games, fishing, songs, fire pits, s'more making, singing & a lot of catching up
with cousins that i never see & meeting some new ones. 
before this weekend i'd only ever been to jackson hole & to my surprise, pinedale it absolutely nothing like jackson. seriously.... there is nothing at all in pinedale. austin & i walked all of pinedale in about 15 minutes... & it was less than exciting. buuuuut it is really pretty, so they've got that going for them! & it was really fun hanging out at my uncles lake & messing around. (sorry to offend anyone that might be from pinedale!) i got a lot of pictures from when we were at his lake. it's in the middle of nowhere (like pinedale), with literally nothing around it except for fields of grass & these pretty little purple flowers everywhere. it was so pretty, i obviously had to take loads of pictures. 
& for anyone wondering who the adorable little girl is that is in practically all of my pictures, her name is wren. she's my cousin whitney's little girl & i absolutely adore her. she's perfect, so i obviously also had to take loads of photos of her! 


top to bottom, left to right:
1. i caught milty being cute in cedar's crib
2. austin & cedar swimming
3. right before cedar was born, on a hike
4. me & cedar at church
5. us at the beach
6. the backyard at my moms house, it's pretty amazing
7. me & austin waiting for the flaming lips to play
8. making s'mores in pinedale
9. russell saved a baby bird
10. cedar being smiley
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twilight series: the flaming lips

lastnight austin & i went to see the flaming lips play the twilight series downtown.
we dropped off the babe with his grandma & got there early to make sure it wouldn't sell out.
it was so much fun. we were both pretty pumped to see them play. austin, has seen them before & always is telling me how amazing the show was, so i was really excited to see them. 
video links to some of my favorite songs by them:

f a m i l y p h o t o s

a few days after we brought cedar home from the hospital we had some newborn photos taken by our friend ausia, who took my maternity pictures
i love all of the pictures. they're perfect in my eyes. he was so teeny tiny. it's crazy how much he's already grown & changed.
these are just a few of my favorites from that day.

welcome home

yesterday we went back to utah & got to see austin after a long week of him
working in montana while cedar & i played in california.
i was so excited to see him & he surprised me with a welcome home gift.
he got three of my favorite things:
1. a box covered in glitter. 2. a lulu lemon giftcard. 3. an anchor necklace.
best. husband. ever.
i mean, he hates glitter, & he still got me a box covered in it.
if that isn't love, then i don't know what is

the pixar theory

today while creeping around on facebook, i saw that multiple of my friends liked this link.
obviously i had to read it too, & it is pretty mind blowing.
not only for the fact that someone actually came up with this, but the fact
that it makes complete sense.... 
& it blows my mind that pixar has intertwined every single movie of theirs..
i mean, that's pretty rad. 
it's a long theory, but completely interesting.. if you're into that sort of thing.
so check it out here!


our day at the beach through pictures.
the boys surfed at county line
& jo, cedar & i met them there.
we played at the beach & got lunch 
at neptunes net, before i (sadly) took austin to the airport
to go home for work.
then we had dinner
at stacked with my family
& shannon.
it was a good day.

f a c t s

i've been selected by my really great friend shayla to share six things about myself. 
things like this are always hard for me to answer, but i tried my very best!

1. what is your favorite article of clothing that you own? why?
i love clothes. anyone that knows me knows this, & i have a lot of them. it's super tough for me to get rid of them too... so it's sort of hard for me to pick just one item. buuuuut i'd have to say my leather jacket. i got it for my 19 birthday, & it has remained my favorite clothing item. it's seriously the most perfect leather jacket. it's lighter weight, so if i want to wear it in the dead of winter i need a sweater underneath, but it's not too heavy so i can still wear it in the summer & it has a hood that can come off. it's definitely what i wear the most, i take it everywhere with me.

2. any beauty secrets you're loving lately? i don't feel like i really have any beauty secrets.. but a couple things that i like are coconut oil, noxzema face wash, & sea salt spray. & here is why. coconut oil: i go through this stuff so fast. i rub it into my hair about 3-5x's a week & let it soak in for an hour, then wash. it makes my hair so soft, smooth & shiny. i love it. i also use it after i shower as a lotion all over & it is the most moisturizing thing ever.  noxzema: i use the noxzema deep cleansing, thick face wash as a sunburn reliever. a friend of mine turned me onto it a couple years ago & it is the absolute best. it is so soothing & cooling, it feels amazing as soon as you put it on. plus, it turns the reddest burn into a tan almost instantly. for real. you don't peel at all and within a day or two, your burn is a nice tan. you just rub the cream into your sunburn, do not wash it off. everyone try it. it's the big blue tub of noxzema. sea salt spray: everytime i wash my hair, i towel dry it, spray sea salt spray in, comb it through with a wide mouth comb & boom. i'm done. i go to sleep & however it turns out in the morning, is how it ends up... it's easy & i always like it. so... i guess those are my secrets! 

3. who is your style icon? for sure the olsens. all three girls. i don't dress like them.. i don't think.. but if i could, i would hands down take their closets. i think they've all got such different, distinct, beautiful styles. & such amazing pieces. i love it. 

4. what is your favorite holiday and why? i'm the first to admit, i'm not overly patriotic. i know it's not a thing to be proud of ... or to really admit ... but it's true. with that being said, my favorite holiday hands down is the 4th of july. i looooooove fireworks, which is why it's my favorite. & i like that there is a holiday that people basically just have bbq's & swim. what could be more perfect!? & i do like that everyone becomes overly patriotic on the 4th, i can't help to get into it... once a year.

5. what got you started blogging/why do you stick to it? i started my blog when i went to college. my mom & sister kept telling me i needed to do it to keep them updated on my wiiiiiild college life, so here it is! i've definitely gone through major phases of blogging & never blogging.. but i've been pretty good at it for the past few. over time i've come to do it for myself & really started to enjoy it!

6. what's one goal you want to accomplish in the next year? obviously to be the best mom i can to cedar, but for this specific year, definitely to graduate college. both austin & i are graduating in the spring & neither of us can wait. 

& now it's your turn
1. kristi
2. jane
3. devon

& your questions....
1. what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
2. where is the furthest you have traveled? 
3. if you could see any band/singer who would it be?
4. what is one guilty pleasure? 
5. what is your favorite clothing item?
6. where do you see yourselves in 5 years from now?

our day in avalon

i've wanted to go to catalina the last couple of times austin & i came to california, so we finally did it. 
we took the ferry over tuesday morning & spent the entire day in the little town of avalon.
i haven't been since my 17 birthday, & austin had never been, so i was really excited to take him.
we wandered around the streets looking for the mullin house my great grandpa & his brothers shared,
looked for my old uncle stanleys home, ate lunch, looked at the shops, got ice-cream, watched people fishing... it was so fun to go. we both want to go back when little cedar is older & can enjoy it a bit more. he did really well & loved the boat ride, we're making him into an adventure baby by dragging him along everywhere we want to go! 
he slept in his baby carrier that we switched off carrying, & we got him a pretty great patagonia hat (i'm sure he'll make fun of when he's older & sees pictures of him in it, like i do to my mom) while we were there. it'll be so fun when he's old enough to take in what's going on around him. he's getting there & i love it. he's been awake a lot more lately & always is looking at everything in front of him..
annnnyways... here is the picture overload.