our day in avalon

i've wanted to go to catalina the last couple of times austin & i came to california, so we finally did it. 
we took the ferry over tuesday morning & spent the entire day in the little town of avalon.
i haven't been since my 17 birthday, & austin had never been, so i was really excited to take him.
we wandered around the streets looking for the mullin house my great grandpa & his brothers shared,
looked for my old uncle stanleys home, ate lunch, looked at the shops, got ice-cream, watched people fishing... it was so fun to go. we both want to go back when little cedar is older & can enjoy it a bit more. he did really well & loved the boat ride, we're making him into an adventure baby by dragging him along everywhere we want to go! 
he slept in his baby carrier that we switched off carrying, & we got him a pretty great patagonia hat (i'm sure he'll make fun of when he's older & sees pictures of him in it, like i do to my mom) while we were there. it'll be so fun when he's old enough to take in what's going on around him. he's getting there & i love it. he's been awake a lot more lately & always is looking at everything in front of him..
annnnyways... here is the picture overload.

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  1. first, these pictures are adorable and catalina looks way fun and i realllly want to go there now! and second, i just nominated you for that six facts thing on my blog :)