a day to celebrate

yesterday was my 24 birthday. i'm almost dinosaur age. at least.. that's how it sounds to me. & i still feel like i'm only 17. how does that work out? anyways. my birthday was great, i loved it. i celebrated by getting a massage in the morning, going to lunch at my new fav in thousand oaks: stacked, seeing the way way back & having a bbq with some friends. it was pretty mellow & laid back, which is exactly what i was looking for.
24 for 24 years
1. i'm deathly afraid of unnatural heights. you might wonder what i mean by that. well, basically if its a man made structure & really tall, i hate being in it. but if it's a natural height, like a mountain, i have no qualm. i don't understand it so i don't expect you to.
2. i could live completely off of drinks. i'm a drink person. whether it be a smoothie, water, or soda, whatever it is.. i just love drinks & don't need food if i have a drink. my favorite go to snack is to get a good drink. it's weird.
3. since i was 11 i have traveled to 26 different countries
4. ever since i was little i've had an obsession for beautiful packaging, therefor i have quite the box/packaging collection
5. i would drink milk above any drink
6. i was afraid of fish for nearly my entire life & conquered the fear this year when i held one
7. i probably try at least 3 different outfits on each morning & then leave them in a pile on the ground & my husband hates it
8. i have been to 5 different continents
9. i have been skydiving & want to go again
10. my sense of humor is pretty sarcastic & slightly awkward.. not on purpose
11. sometimes when i'm bored i go to target for no reason what so ever
12. i want to collect every color of baby lips chapstick..i'm a little obsessed
13. i would love to paint my nails every day, but its a little impractical
14. bungee jumping was hands down the worst experience of my entire life
15. i have cousins that live on catalina island
16. when i was 9 years old i found my cat gracie walking in our backyard when she was just 2 weeks old. she's been with us ever since
17. every night austin asks me if i know any jokes & every night i have to let him down & say no. one day i'll have one for him though
18. when i was young i hated sleeping in my bedroom so i would sleep with my parents
19. i used to dream of being a wedding dress designer
20. for my 11 birthday i went to my first concert: britney spears
21. i volunteered in a preschool in peru for 5 weeks
22. i know just about every word to every song from the mama mia soundtrack
23. two weeks after i met austin i told him he had to marry me
24. i'm obsessed with glasses. i own 5 different pairs in an array of colors


  1. HOpe you had a wonderful Birthday.

  2. LOL @ #17. Here's one: What do you call a sleepwalking nun? A roamin' Catholic.

    I guess it's not that funny but I kind of think so! :)

    p.s. Happy belated day of biiirth!