the first day we were in chicago we hopped on one of those big red, stop & go bus tours. i love them. we rode it around the city all day & stopped off at the sears tower (now known as the willis tower) & grant park, with the big bean statue & just wandered around. 
the sears tower has these look out box/windows that are completely clear, floor, walls, ceiling that everyone goes in & looks down & has their pictures taken & what not. i was pretty terrified once i was in that little box.. i thought i wouldn't be, but i almost had a panic attack when austin pulled me to go in for our picture. i barely went out & was trying to get my mom to take the picture as fast as possible.. but i'll admit, it was worth the picture. anything for a good one, right? anyways.. you can tell by cedars picture just how much he loved it too.
afterwards we went over to grant park where the famous giant bean resides & i took a million pictures, but i've narrowed it down to just a few. chicago is truly one of the best cities i've ever been to.


  1. that picture of your mom (i'm assuming) and the little girl sitting on the glass absolutely terrifies me. terrifies. me.