the other day i was looking through old photos that i have saved on my computer, most of which are from family vacations that we went on before i even had a blog. these trips are some of my favorite times and experiences. they helped shape me into who i am today & created my craving for travels & adventure. as i was looking at the pictures, i decided they needed to be shared. i love these pictures & the memories i have in each of these places. 
in 2005 my family traveled throughout italy & switzerland. one of our many stops was a small, waterfront town: bellagio (& yes, the las vegas hotel is named after this town). bellagio is a gorgeous, colorful town with the buildings right on the edge of the water, cobblestone paths, lush green hills & a lot of life. it's a quieter part of italy, not nearly as many tourists as other cities & it's so beautiful. i went back to bellagio when my friends & i traveled around europe in 2008 & i was happy that it was exactly as amazing as i had remembered it to be.
& a couple fun facts: george clooney owns a house here & the scene when princess padame tells darth vader that she is pregnant in star wars, was filmed here. 

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