this past weekend austin, cedar & i made our way down to california to meet our newest nephew.
his name is russell, after my brother. i like to call him baby rus.
he's a tan little baby, tanner than i am, with brown hair, hazel-ish eyes, & the cutest, smallest face ever.
he looks so much like his mom, it's crazy. 
seeing our tiny, cute nephew really made me realize how big cedar is too. it's crazy how much they change & how quickly! it made me kind of sad that he's not so small anymore.
& even though they were both born at about the same size, you can already tell that their bodies will be different as they grow.
i always thought people were crazy when they would say how they missed the "baby" stage of their 3 month olds, cause i figured they still were a baby. but i think i realized they mean. cedar is still a baby but hes definitely out of the newborn phase & i'm blown away how fast it happened. 
i was far more obsessed holding my nephew than i have been with any other baby (besides cedar, obviously) & i think it's because i miss the baby stage.
i'm so excited for my brother & sister-in-law & for cedar & baby rus to have cousins so close in age to each other. it'll seriously be so fun for those two whenever we're together.
it was so fun to go down, even if it wasn't for very long. it's always nice to go back home.
we had a packed weekend seeing friends, grandparents, going to dinner & lunch,
the baby blessing, getting my hair done (& yes, i get my hair done in california even though i live in utah), meeting friends for breakfast in malibu & taking a quick stop at the beach. 
but i loved every second of it. 
check out the warp & woof for my beach outfit details! 


  1. so cute! i love their matching outfits!

  2. eee, so cute! looks like everyone had so much fun here! i love matching outfits as well!

    lindsey louise

  3. ahhh both babes are so cute! i think they look alike!

  4. Such a fun and adorable weekend. So much cuteness crammed into one post!