i've decided to bite the bullet & actually start a fashion blog. 
after a lot of indecisiveness, talking to multiple different people
about whether it was a good idea or a bad idea, i have obviously come 
to the conclusion that it's at least an alright idea. 
the blog is named warp & woof.
it currently features pictures of what i wear, items i'm loving from 
different stores, & will soon have guest spotlights on others fashion.
since creating warp & woof i've been asked numerous times why/how i chose the name 
& what it means. warp & woof is a sewing term.
the definition is: 1. the threads in a woven fabric, combined of the warp (threads running lengthwise) and woof (threads running crosswise) to create the texture of the fabric. 2. the fundamental structure of any process or system.
while i'm not a seamstress by any means, my mom came up with the name 
& it stuck in my head. i liked the way it sounded & i like the definition. 
& that is how the name came to be. 
check it out & give me some feed back!