remember that one time i mentioned i was going on a road trip with my class? well, we went to capitol reef & boulder, utah. i had never heard of capitol reef before going & it was seriously so cool. we headed down friday afternoon, stopping along the way in fillmore, salina & stayed the night in a historic house (a girls family in our class owns it), that is along highway 89.
 we stopped by mom's cafe, in salina, for dinner & spent our evening at the house watching movies & talking about what we experienced on the first part of the trip. the next day we woke up & made our way to boulder where we had the most aaaamazing breakfast at hell's backbone grill. this restaurant makes their food from their sustainable garden that is down the road & they get their meet from ranches nearby. if you're ever in the area, you should definitely go. & visit the farm, it's so cool. 
after the greatest breakfast, we headed into capitol reef where we explored the park & visited UVU's field station. the entire trip was really cool & made me want to go & spend more time there. one day in capitol reef is definitely not enough time.