this little guy of mine is  s i x  months old today & i can't believe it.
seriously, time flies when you have a baby. he is so much fun & learns something
new practically everyday, it's so cool to see. he's the happiest baby, we are seriously so lucky
i mean, we found out today that he has croup & an ear infection & he has still been the happiest guy around. he's hardly cried or anything. i mean, if it wasn't for his random sleep cough i probably really wouldn't have thought something was up... but luckily i did so now we can
make him better & get him healthy again.
he's still the cutest. 
at  s i x  months  cedar has:
2 lower teeth
18 lbs
rolls all over the place
& is really working on sitting up
can hold his own bottle
loves to be in his jumper
likes to try to bite everything
babbles & laughs constantly


  1. Oh wow he is soo pretty! I'm in love haha


  2. Ahh he is getting so big! I need to see him soon!

  3. aww so sad that he is sick but soo true that he is the happiest baby!!