& this is how i feel right about now.
which after this weekend, i feel it's appropriate.
>>>we lost the only set of keys to my car.
luckily they were turned in to the schools lost & found the next day.
but it was stressful.
>>>we started packing & moving, which is a pain no matter what.
but we're almost done so that's nice.
>>>i realized i bought the wrong sized lids for the moving boxes
& of course, target didn't have the ones we need in stock. 
>>>my car died right after completely filling it with stuff for d.i.
talk about annoying.
>>>practically everything started flashing on austins dash in his car
& now will not always turn on. it's a bit temperamental. 
>>> naturally, all of this would happen the weekend before finals.


  1. shoot! i'm sorry for the rough setbacks...but, my mom always says "it could be worse!" and i'm glad you guys are okay and that everything is fixable. no fun though!
    and luckily, christmas is coming! so things are looking up i hope :)

    the well-traveled wife ♥

    1. your mom is a wise woman! it's true. i really don't have a lot to complain about, but it was just so frustrating! things are much better now! & i am seriously SO looking forward to christmas!

  2. oof. i'm sorry! car problems are the worst. they're money gobblers and a huge pain in the bum!

    1. right? why do they have to be so expensive!! i hate cars

  3. i'd be pissed too. where are you moving to?

  4. Oh gosh, losing keys is the worst! Luckily they were turned it! Everything will turn around soon!!
    xo TJ