i'm a drink lover. all kinds of drinks. if i had the choice, i would probably choose a delicious drink over food. anyways. my husband has been wanting to make green smoothies for a while now & to be honest, i was a little hesitant. i just wasn't sold on them. i get that they're soo good for you, but there was something about them that just made me want nothing to do with them (probably that they're green, and no delicious drink is green). but luckily, that changed. we finally got the stuff to make some, i tried them, & i love them. they are delicious. i can't believe i've been missing out on these things.
i mean, what was wrong with me? anyways. here's my favorite green smoothie recipe:
chia seeds
almond milk
after everything is in the blender, blend until it's as smooth as you can get it & enjoy! we guessed on all the measurements, so i can't help you there. there's really no way to mess it up though. but if you're interested, try it!

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