weekend roundup

we've had a lot going on around here lately. we got back from california late sunday night & had to wake up early to take cedar to his dr appointment before going to school. i had my humanities symposium that i was co-hosting wednesday & thursday, so that kept me really busy & made me weirdly exhausted, while austin tried to finish some take-home tests while watching cedar plus, they were both sick. i felt horrible i couldn't stay home to help them both. luckily, they both recovered, austin finished his test & the symposium was amazing. so many great people came to speak, showed us their artwork, films & other projects. & the man who is in charge of ALL the smithsonian museums came to speak. it was so awesome to hear what everyone had to say & get to meet all these amazing people, they seriously inspired me. i am so happy to have had the opportunity to work on it. after the crazy week we had, we took this weekend nice & easy

f r i d a y
i went to visit our friends nathan & tayler & their adorable brand new baby boy, remy, who i fell in love with immediately. afterwards austin & i stayed in friday night & ordered takeout cause we were both too lazy to want to cook. we relaxed in the hot tub & watched a movie & i ate some cheesecake, so it was sort of perfect.
s a t u r d a y
we went on a  mini hike/walk to ensign peak. i had never been before so i was all about it when austin suggested going. it's above all of salt lake, above the capitol, & has an awesome view of the entire city. it's a short little walk, just about a mile round trip, & so pretty once you are at the top of it. afterwards we went to my cousin whitney's & walked to lunch at cucina which was delicious. we had never been before but definitely want to go again, if you're ever downtown, you should check it out. later that night austin's mom came to babywatch cedar so we could go see the new wes anderson film, the grand budapest hotel, with our friend's scott & cas. if you like wes anderson, you should definitely see it. i could probably watch it 100 times and pick up something new every single time i watched it. there was seriously so many little details & things going on in the movie, it was amazing.
s u n d a y
austin made us german pancakes before we went to church. afterwards we cleaned up, napped, went for a drive, had a bbq, did some studying & watched a lot of movie trailers. it was a really good weekend.


  1. SO jazzed to see "the grand budapest hotel" - i'm glad you liked it!

  2. That picture just makes my heart melt! And "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is on my list of movies to see ;)
    xo TJ