may 2, 2014 austin & i both graduated from uvu. austin's entire family came, my mom flew up from california & our friend dom came down from logan to support & celebrate with us.
 it truly is an amazing feeling. it had all felt so anti-climatic, the finals, the last day of classes, everything. but attending gradation, even though i didn't want to, really made it feel worth it. i had never wanted to attend graduation because i thought it would be so boring, & parts of it were, but it really gave me a feeling of relief. 
originally i had planned to walk with my college, but after discovering my graduation was at 8 in the morning & austins was at 2 in the afternoon, i opted to walk with his college which was definitely the better way to go. our families didn't have to sit through two ceremonies & i got to sit & walk with austin & our friend maddy. i really don't know why i didn't plan on doing this in the first place. it was so much fun to be able to sit next to them during the ceremony & to share the day with austin.
i'm so proud of the both of us to finish up our last year with a baby. it wasn't the easiest thing but we made it happen & i am especially proud of austin. he worked so hard & did so well.
we had a lot of help getting us through school, especially this year & are so lucky we were both able to finish.


  1. Yay! Congrats on your graduation girl! It looks like it was a beautiful day! And that skirt is too cute! :)
    xo TJ