it's good to be home.

since being back >>> we got our garden planted & growing & i couldn't be more excited for it! >>> we went to our lovely friend shayla's golden birthday. it was so fun celebrating & seeing friends we don't get to see all that often. plus it was decorated entirely in gold & looked so good. happy birthday shayshay >>> spending every moment in the world with the hubby is kind of amazing. i know, i know, we were only apart for one week, but it kinda felt like forever. i just like being with him. we've been really lucky since getting married in the fact that we get to almost always do everything together & i'm trying to soak it all in while i can, cause i'm pretty sure come november & spain & mba school, there won't be nearly as much time together. & then after that comes real life, & people keep telling me that we won't get to spend all of our time together then either, so let me soak it in. >>> while on a drive around town, austin suggested we go have lunch up at snowbird,(pictures above) so we did. i have never been to snowbird before. it was really fun going up there. it was so pretty & still was quite a bit of snow & people skiing & snowboarding. + cedar got a chance to play in the snow, since he's more able to than before, being older & all, but i'm not sure he was as impressed as we thought he would be.. ohwell. >>> we got snow cones with my austins brother & sister-in-law. i love snow cone season & am so happy it is finally upon us. >>> austins family had a party to celebrate both his & his mom's birthdays after church on sunday, that i sadly had to miss because earlier that morning i found out i have strep throat. worst luck. i was so bummed to have missed it, but i hear it was pretty fun, so that's good! >>> & went to a family bbq to celebrate memorial day.

so it's been pretty busy around here, which is a good thing. austin & i both have felt like without school we didn't know what would occupy our time when he wasn't off working, but apparently we're pretty good at filling our time up :) summer always goes so fast, don't you think? i cannot believe may is practically over. it was SO fast & it's only going to get faster.

things to look forward to: 1. i've forever been interested in floral design & this week i am officially shadowing two people on two weddings, i am soo excited. but more on that later. 2. our two year anniversary is on sunday! life moves to fast guys, i'm telling you. 3.possible concert on tuesday, it's still tbd, but i'll count it anyways. 4. my mom is coming into town on tuesday for... 5. CEDAR'S 1st BIRTHDAY! really am mind blown with this one

so that is our life, until next wednesday. pretty busy & exciting, lots going on.
oh ya, & 6. book club!


  1. awww these photos are the cutest and i'm so glad you were at my golden birthday AND i'm so excited for cedar's partaay!

    1. baaahhh! i'm excited too! & your party was the BEST!