pizza party

while whitney & jason were here, we had a night was pizza & poker night. jason made homemade pizza dough & we all came up with our own pizzas to make. jason made his famous pistachio & potato pizza, we made our pesto/mozzarella/tomato pizza, russell made some sort of egg pizza invention & of course, a cinnamon/sugar dessert pizza. they were all really good. i love making homemade pizza & coming up with different toppings. while everyone was busy prepping, i spent the majority of the night singing a song from one of mary-kate & ashley's movies, "p-i-z-z-a, gimme pizza!" everyone got slightly annoyed, but i found it fitting.
last summer when whitney & jason visited we ended up playing card games most of the nights & we wanted to keep the tradition going. so after  we finished making & eating all of our pizza's we played a bunch of different, really fun, card games that russell taught all of us. we even put in real money to make it slightly more interesting. i was pretty proud when i ended the night with a total earnings of $9.50, haha. 

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