santa barbara

for part of our graduation present my mama offered to watch cedar for one night so austin & i could have a getaway. she saw how stressed we both were & decided that we needed a break.
we decided to take our night away up to santa barbara to hangout & relax on the beach. it was so much fun. we stayed at hotel milo santa barbara, which was right across the street from the beach & pier, right by state street. 
we got there friday evening, so we went to dinner at cielito restaurant & it was aaaaaaamazing. for reals, so good. our friend that lived in santa barbara for a long time recommended we go there & i'm pretty happy we did. it's a little more on the expensive side, but if you're ever there, you should go. it's spanish, tapas style & all of the different plates we had were delicious. afterwards we walked up & down state street, checking out everything going on & afterwards sat & talked on the beach.
it was so weird not having cedar baby with us. during dinner we both felt like something was missing, but it was good to have time just to be with each other. it's rare that we get to have dinner or do much of anything without our little 3rd wheel, so it's strange when we do, but so good at the same time.
the next day we woke up late, had breakfast & rode bikes up & down along santa barbara, hung out some more on the beach & the pier, & walked along the shops on state street before heading home. it was a perfect getaway. 
thanks mom! 


  1. looks like a fun, relaxing trip! beach days are the best!

    1. right? beach days literally scream summer to me, i can't wait to live near the beach again in the future :)