happy birthday mr. cedar

the day is over & it's official, i have a one year old. we woke up & austin made cedar his birthday breakfast: german pancakes. he loved it. he took a nap, we played with presents & got ready for his birthday party. he refused his second nap so he was a on the grumpier side of things, but it all worked out.
we had a bbq in honor of his day. at first he was still grumpy & could have cared less about everyone there, but once we set him in his chair with his birthday cake he was golden. he loved it. i made him my family's birthday cake classic: carrot cake. he couldn't have been any happier than sitting in that chair stuffing his face with fist fulls of cake. it was EVERYWHERE & it was adorable. 
i really tried to keep the party small, just family. then it grew to a couple friends, then more & then it was just what it was. we are so lucky to have such amazing friends & family so close that love cedar & came to watch him stuff his face full of cake. 
thank you for celebrating with us, we love you!