life according to instagram

i feel like i haven't been doing a lot lately.. but i really have. i just for some reason haven't been blogging, or taking pictures or anything. i've been continuing my internship with r.a.b. floral & it's been amazing. i swear, one day i'll actually take pictures of it. my mom & sister-in-law were in town for a wedding this past week so we've been busy with that, & a lot of our friends that were in town. it's been a party around here lately, leaving me with no time to blog.
so for now, here's my life according to instagram :)
1. last tuesday there was a freak storm that hit utah & it left the mountains covered in snow. it was pouring rain all day & while we were out running errands austin & i decided to drive up big cottonwood to see how low the snow fell & it was pretty low. we didn't even hit any of the ski resorts, or make it half way up before we were in a winter wonderland. so naturally, i wanted to document it. this photo was taken june 17, 2014 at 9:03 p.m. it blows my mind how much snow was there & how light it still was!
2. one of my absolute favorite people in the entire world got married last thursday & i got to join in on the festivities as one of her bridesmaids. i've known abigayle her entire life & she is very much like a little sister to me. i love her to death & am so, so happy for her & her hub. the day was absolutely beautiful & so much fun. & i got to work on her wedding flowers with her mom which was really fun. unfortunatley, i didn't take any pictures of the flowers, but once i get some from other people i'll definitely share them!
3. when we were in california a few weeks back my sister-in-law said that i could take her road bike back with me to utah cause i've been wanting to get into cycling. we also go a bike trailer for cedars birthday & today we put it all to use. we kept it mellow cause i'm a beginner & austin had never pulled a trailer before, but it was so much fun! we just gotta find the bike paths near our house so that we can go a lot more.
4. a picture from our anniversary weekend with curtis & meera, in city of rocks. & we're going back, tomorrow for some more camping & climbing! 


  1. I've been catching up on some of your most recent posts and it looks like your family is having the best summer ever! Also, that snow was GORGEOUS last week. I didn't get all up on the mountains like you guys did; i admired them from down in the valley. I look forward to your post about your internship - that sounds way fun.

    1. ahh thank you! it has been the best summer!