the upcoming month

there has been a lot going on around here & only more to come. here is a few things that i'm focusing on for the upcoming month. can you believe it's almost july? cause i can't. moving to spain is getting closer & closer, whether i believe it or not. making me realize all of the things that i need to do & want to do before we go. there is too much that i want to do, but i'm trying to make it all happen between whatever it seems to be that occupies the majority of our time!

>>>roswell for the 4th of july
>>>going to california
>>>working with flowers
>>>summer picnics
>>>more morning bike rides
>>>making things
>>>renewing passports
>>>finalizing spain details


  1. ROSWELL. haha i cannot wait to hear about it.

    1. i cannot wait to see it all in real life & tell you about it!