a couple months ago austin built a couple of garden boxes so that we could have a vegetable garden this summer. we have tried to have a garden before & they never really worked out, but so far this one is really lasting & growing! we planted back in may & i have loved watching everything grow. it is so exciting to me! it's really fun seeing it grow every day & being able to grow your own food. i think it's so cool. i have begun daydreaming future gardens we will hopefully have when we have a home of our own. but for now, this one will do perfectly fine!
we have one 4x4 & one 4x2 garden boxes & they really fit quite a lot. i was worried we wouldn't have enough space, but we definitely do. this year we are growing: tomatoes, strawberries, kale, squash, bell peppers, jalapeƱos, basil, mint, lettuce, onions, rosemary & aloe. the last one was a late addition obviously for sunburns & randomly it is really good for diaper rash... so we figured it would be worth having, & it has been. 
we're finally getting some tomatoes growing, they're just teeny, tiny, babies right now, as well as our strawberries. we've gotten a pretty big bell pepper though, & our basil & mint plants have gotten HUGE. along with our plants, i spotted a garden snake hanging out in the planter box. it was jut a little guy, but kind of spooky to see when i was checking out the plants, that's for sure.


  1. hahahahah the baby strawberries. soooo cute. geez, green thumb much?! that's amazing. i would love to have a garden someday. until then i will live vicariously through you lol.
    the little diary

  2. I'm not a garden person but your photos are so sweet and fresh that I immediately got the feel to go gardening:)




  3. so darling! if only i had a green thumb :) ... or space to have a garden in the city! for now i'll just enjoy yours!


  4. I've just started gardening & it's weirdly addicting. But let's talk about that blue bench. It's adorable.

  5. Aw, this is making me so jealous! Really wishing I had a backyard to do this in, or that I had a green thumb to start with. I'll live vicariously through this! ;)
    xo TJ


  6. I would die if I saw a snake in my veggie boxes! No, I'd scream and then die... or die, then scream and die again. I don't know, anyways, you're super brave! Love your garden beds minus the snake :-)