obviously we couldn't have a trip to california without going to disneyland.
i promise i'm going to start using my actual camera one of these days...but for now, iphone pictures!
we had planned to meet my friend shannon & her boyfriend, pano, at disneyland just for the evening. we figured it's the middle of summer, it's a tuesday, & it's going to be hot & crowded. all i really wanted to do anyways was get a churro & watch the fireworks. so we did just that. 

shannon had gone down earlier in the day so we just met up with them after visiting my sister, who lives in tustin, & had recently had surgery. we hadn't seen her in a couple of months & since she isn't well enough to drive it was perfect that we were already heading her direction, so we made a pit-stop at her place & then went to disneyland.

austin & i didn't actually go on any rides because in typical baby fashion, cedar promptly fell asleep once we were in the park. so we just went around to the different rides with shannon & pano & then we would people watch, eat churros & walk around while we waited for them to get off the ride.

once cedar woke up we got some dinner & it was almost time for the fireworks so we got a spot in the crowd to watch. it was so fun to see cedar watching the fireworks, he was so excited & couldn't take his eyes away. it was adorable. i love the age that he is in because he is really interested in things, it is so much fun to watch him learn & discover.


  1. Kerry where is your tee from?! I love it!

  2. That last picture makes my heart melt! Such a perfect trip!! :)
    xo TJ

  3. i'm not sure how, but literally all of your pictures are perfection. I LOVE DISNEYLAND--and even though you didn't get to ride any rides, isn't it really about the churros anyway?

  4. ^^ agreed! you are free to use iphone when your pics look this good! :) thanks for the taste of disneyland today, i needed it! xo

  5. wow, that picture of paradise pier makes my heart sing! I can seriously never get enough disneyland. I went for 4 full days in a row a few months ago and I still wasn't sick of it. looking forward to having kids so I can have a decent excuse to go all the time...haha

  6. yay disneyland! and seriously dollar shave club is amazing. YOU MUST TRY IT.
    the little diary

  7. Of course, Disneyland is where its at!

  8. You are such a professional Iphone photographer it looks like you had a blast!
    Xo Miss Erin