ever since i can remember, i've loved to make thing. didn't matter what it was, i just loved to create. as i've gotten older i got interested in making my own candles, i thought it would be really fun & didn't seem like it could be too difficult to figure. so last year in my last month of pregnancy, i decided to learn how to make them & it really was pretty simple. since then i've figured out my own method of making candles & have started adding essential oils to them to create my own scents. & this is how you do it...

what you'll need:
soy wax (i use flakes because it's easier, but whatever works)
candle pouring pot
clothes pins
essential oil of choice

you can find all of these items at a local crafts store, and you can also find all of them on amazon. i've also found wax on etsy, so really just whatever you prefer. i also just use jars that i keep from applesauce & whatever else i think has a nice looking jar.

first// prepare your jar: straighten out the wick as much as you can. put the wick into the jar placing the bottom as close to the middle as you can get. then use the clothes pin to hold the wick where you want it to stay.

second// melt the wax: there are a couple different ways to do it, but this is what i do. i place the pot with my candle wax inside a slightly bigger pot with water to boil. doing this helps the wax from boiling itself, however you can just boil the pot with the wax on a lower temperature if you would like. while the wax boils stir. once completely melted, stir in some drops of essential oils. i used around 15 drops to have a stronger scent.

third// pour the wax: once the wax has completely melted let it cool for just a few minutes. you don't want it to be too liquid-y when you pour because it can cause cracks & the center to dip down. if there is any cracking or sagging you can use a toothpick to poke a few holes, melt a little bit more wax & pour it over the top. poking the holes creates air bubbles for the wax to go through to help even out the top. i normally leave about 1 in. from the top of the jar for the wick & incase i have to add a little more wax. once it is dried. after pouring the wax let the candle cool; this normally takes around 1 hr. for a smaller candle. 

fourth// finishing: once the candle has completely cooled, trim the wicks & enjoy! 

i made two different kinds: a bug repellent candle, & a more relaxing/cheerful scented one
for the bug repellent candle i used: malelcula, lemon, eucalyptus & peppermint
& for the cheery/relaxing candle i used: serenity, orange blossom & lavender.
i got my oils through doterra, but you can get them through other companies also, just make sure they're 100% pure!


  1. I'm a huge sucker for anything to do with candles and mason jars. So this is perfection!

  2. where did you get the orange blossom essential oil? orange blossom is by far my favorite scent but I've never found it as an essential oil - i checked the doterra website but I didn't see it!