july's mix

last night i went to my cousin whitney's yoga class that she teaches. it was exactly what i needed to calm down, relax & get ready for the upcoming week. her classes are always such a deep workout & inspirational. i always leave her classes feeling so rejuvenated.
along with being such a good teacher, she also has the best playlists for her classes. i love listening & moving to the songs throughout her classes.
this playlist is taken from the one she played last night in the class. i added a couple more songs & took off a few others, but for the most part it's hers. thanks for sharing whit!

1. ARCADE FIRE- modern man
2. RADIOHEAD- street spirit
3. DAFT PUNK- doin' it right
4. RATATAT- loud pipes
5. SMASHING PUMPKINS- tonight, tonight
6. THE CHROMATICS- tick of the clock
7. PIXIES- here comes your man
8. THE STRANGLERS- golden brown
9. COLDPLAY- life in technicolor
10. THE SMITHS- there is a light that never goes out
11. THE CURE- boys don't cry
12. THE STROKES- someday
13. NICK LAIRD-CLOWES- golborne road
14. ARVO PART- spiegel im spiegel
15. YANN TIERSEN- le moulin
18. BEN FOLDS- the luckiest


  1. what a great yoga playlist! as much as i love wood flutes and enya accompanying my practice, it's nice to get some "normal" tunes in there, too. where does your cousin teach yoga?